How TO Install Windows 10 ?

Whenever we buy a new computer or laptop, it runs very well for some time, but then slowly it starts running Hang and Slow, for this we form our system or install new Windows in it, so that your computer Or the laptop starts working again like new.

Installing Windows 10 in a computer or laptop is not very difficult, for this you need to have some things. First of all you should have setup of windows 10 in your CD / DVD or Pen Drive so that you can use it in your computer or laptop.

How To Download Windows 10 ?

If you want to download Original Windows 10 from Microsoft’s site, for this you will need Internet, then turn it on and follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Website

First of all, you have to open this site on your system.

Step 2: Click On Download Tool

Now you will have a page open in front of which you have to click on Download Tool Now Button.

Step 3: Download Tool Now

By clicking on Download Tool Now, Windows 10 Setup will be downloaded in your system and download it completely.

Step 4: Install Tool

Now you have to install this tool in your system and run it.

Step 5: Click On Create Installation

Now a page will open in front of you, in which you have to mark the Create Installation Media For Another PC and click on the Next Button below.

Step 6: Fill Option

Now in the next page you will get some options like- Language, Edition, Architecture After filling the information in all these, click on the Next button below.

Step 7: Windows Download Option

In this page, you have to tell that Windows 10 has to be saved, for this you will get two options, first USB flash drive and second ISO file, you can select second and then click on Next and then select where want to save your ISO file browse folder and click Save .

Step 8: Download Windows

Now in the next page, your Windows download will start and it will depend on your Internet how much time it will be 100%. As soon as this is complete, its setup will come in your device, now you can install it in anyone’s system.

How TO Install Windows 10?

If you want to install Windows 10 in your computer or laptop, for this, there should be some things in your system like – 1 GB RAM, 16-18 GB Hard Disk Space and 1 GHz Processor etc. And if you are installing Windows 10 in a computer, then you should have a UPS so that your computer does not shut down if it ever lights up and if you are installing Windows 10 in a laptop, then you should have at least 75-80% Battery or Charger. Plugin it up.

Step 1: Should Be Windows 10

For this, you must have an ISO file of Windows 10 in CD / DVD or Pen Drive, now select which device you want to install Windows 10 from. If you now want to install Windows 10 from Bootable Pen Drive or CD / DVD, then first you have to select Boot. For this, you have to install Bootable Pen Drive in the system and then press the F12 key as soon as you start your computer or laptop, which will open the Boot Menu.

After that go to Boot Option and select the USB Removable Device in First Drive from Bootable Pen Drive to Windows 10 Install there. If you want to install Windows 10 from CD / DVD, then select CD-ROM Drive in First Drive and after that press F10 and click on Yes, now your computer or laptop will be restarted.

Step 2: Press Any Keys

Now after your boot process is over, your computer or laptop will be restarted. After that there will be a Black Page Open. Here will be the show that you will put on the first, like – Press Any Key to Boot Form USB Device or CD or DVD. Note here that you have to press any one key in 30 Second.

Step 3: Open Windows Setup

Now you will have a page open of Windows 10 Installing and after some time a Next Button will come to you, click on it.

Step 4: Click On Install

As soon as you click on Next, there will be a screen open in front of you, in which you will see an Install Now button, you have to enter it. Or if you want to repair Windows, you can repair it by going to Repair Your Computer below.

Step 5: Enter Product Key

Now you will have a page open in front of which you have to enter Product Key and then click on Next, if you do not have a Product Key, then you have to click on I Have a Product Key and then windows setup start.

Step 6: Select Windows Version

Now in Next Page you have to select Windows Version, in this you can select Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home and then click on Next below.

Step 7: Read License Terms And Accept

Now you will have a Page Open in front of which there will be License Terms, read them and then right below I Accept The License Terms and click Next Button.

Step 8: Click On Custom Option

In the next step you will have two options

Upgrade: Install Windows And Keep Files In this, you can upgrade your computer, so that your hard disk’s data and computer’s setting files will remain the same.
If you have taken backup of files, files etc. in your computer, then you can select Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced) Option.

Step 9: Hard Disk Partition

Now the next page will be Open, in which you have to do Partition of your Computer Hard Disk, if you have not done Hard Disk Partition before or you want to do Partition, then for this you have to first click on Drive Option Advance and then enter on New. And then you have to enter the size of the First Partition as if you want to create a 60 GB Partition, then put 60,000 MB and then click on Apply, in this way you can make a Partition of Hard Disk.

Step 10: Select Drive

Now from the partitions created, you have to select a drive in which your Windows will be installed, then click on the Format below, now a Warring message will come in front of you, you have to click on OK Button and click on Next.

Step 11: Installing Windows

Now there will be a Page Open in which Windows Installing will show up, now you have to wait a while here till 100% completion.

Step 12: Restart System

Now after Installing Complete, your computer will be Auto Restart, click here on Restart New or do nothing, it will be automatically restarted in 10 Seconds.

Note that here you are installing Windows from Pen Drive, so do not remove Pen Drive from the system, otherwise the option of Installing will come back and if you are installing from CD or DVD, you will get an option of Press Any Key. You don’t have to do anything, just let it restart.

Step 13: Get Ready

Now there will be a new Page Open in which Getting Ready Show, you have to do nothing Windows will do its work by itself.

Step 14: Setting

Now there will be a page open in which you will be asked to do the setting, you have to click on the setting below. Now in the next page you will be asked to create an account, in this you can create an account or go to the bottom and click on it.

Step 15: Enter Name And Password

Now you will have a Page Open in front of you, in which you want to enter your name and password, then enter it and go to the next and click below.

Step 16 : Create Some Security Question

Create three security question what you want and three answer then click next

Step 17: Choose Privacy Settings

Chosse your own privacy setting and click next.

Step 18: Windows 10 Installed

Now it will take some time and after that you will go directly to your Dashboard. Your Windows 10 is installed.

So guys, you do this by installing Windows 10 in your computer or laptop.