What Is Web Browser?

The Web Browser is the hand behind running the Internet that you use every time. This is a software that is used to get a lot of information on the Internet, along with available content such as audio, video, images, games.

Web Browser is a software application, you can also use it on your computer, mobile and laptop. We can know about it by the name of Web Browser, Web means ‘Internet’ and Browser means ‘Find’.

History Of Web Browser

It was invented only with Invention Internet. The first Web Browser in the world was created by Tim Berners-lee in 1991. These are called Father of Web Browser.

Tim Berners-lee was the Director of the “World Wide Web Consortium” (W3c). When the development of the Internet was underway, the Web Browser created by him was named World Wide Web (www), which was later changed to Nexus.

Microsoft started offering its Internet Browser under the name Internet Explorer with its operating system from 1995 and after that all the Internet related companies started working towards its development.

Opera launched its Web Browser in 1996 and then Netscape under the name Web Browser in 1998, which was later renamed Mozilla Firefox. It was based on the Open Source Web Browser.

Internet Explorer’s share in the market for a long time until 2002 was many reasons behind it, but one of the reasons was that Internet Explorer was in-built in Windows.

After this Apple launched its Apple based Web Browser. The world saw a major change of Web Browser when Google launched its Chrome Browser in September 2008 and it became the first choice of people on the Internet. Today, Google Chrome is the most used.

First Web Browser Name in India
Do you know which is the first Browser of India?

Epic Browser” is the first Web Browser of India.

How the web browser works?

It is well known that on Web Browser you can search anything, whatever you want to search. But how does this search i.e. how to show you the result.

Web Browser does the work of bringing all the data on the Internet such as audio, video, text, image, etc. to the user’s computer and mobile screen. All the data on the Internet is available in Web Documents.

These are written in the Web Document Html language. Which Browser easily understands and gives us data in Accurate Format.

To get the data of the Internet, we have to tell the Web Browser the location of the data on the Internet which is called Url. Url (Uniform Resource Locater) was created only after Web Browser. Today, we can open and search any website placed on the server.

In this URL, we first enter Protocol, Server’s Domain Name, Specific Document’s Path etc. and from this URL we get all the information of the server, what data the user needs and what is the location inside that Data Key Server. .

So this is how Web Browser works. With which you get the result of any information searched.

Features Of Web Browser

Web Browser provides very great features to users.

Data is retrieved from Browser using Http, Https, File and other resources with Displayed Result.
Web Browser enables you to explore resources, to view web pages on the Internet, to connect to different Sites to access information.
Web Browser passes the Html Layout and then changes the Input from Markup into an Interactive Document.
Its main feature is that along with information search on the current page, it also searches www.
Another feature of this is that Menu, Icon and Button’s Through and other commands are also available.
Many times, we want a way to save our links to return to the Sites we visit. Web Browsers works in two ways, one which is in current and the other is Bookmark List, you can use them again to visit those links.
With Browser, you can also print Web Page on your computer and send the contents of Web Page Email to others on the Internet.

Uses Of Web Browser

Web Browser is used by the user for many things.

Now you must be thinking that if it is useful to do only Searches, then not friends, apart from Searches, you can do all the work you want on the Internet from Web Browser.

Web Browser is used to Locate, Retrieve and Display Content on www such as Webpage, Image, Video and Other File.
Browser as Client / Server Model is a client running on a computer or mobile that contacts the web server and requests for information.
Many Browser plugins offer Extend Software Capabilities, so it displays Multimedia Information (Sound and Video).
Browser is used to do Video Conferencing, Web Page Design, Add Anti-phishing Filter.
So this is the use of Web Browser for which Web Browsers are used by users.

Function Of Web Browser

Web Browser is to bring and retrieve informative resources on Demand done by Client / User from www.
Web Browser provides the information asked by users.
This allows users to interact with web pages and dynamic content such as Surveys, Forms etc.
Also allows users to navigate through the Complete Web Page and view its source code in Html Format.
So this is Web Browser Ka Karya so Web Browser does all this work.
Web Browser Ke Prakar In Hindi (Types Of Web Browser)
Type of web browser
Many people have heard about Google Chrome and may have used it, but apart from this, there is also Web Browser.

Below you are given the web browser list.

Google Chrome: Google Chrome is the most used today. Recently, the Beta 2 Version of Chrome has been launched which works at 30 to 40% more speed than the previous one.

It is also available in Windows, Linux, Mac, Ios and Android Phone, which is available in more than 50 languages. Its best feature is that when the user uses it, it prevents the user from visiting any harmful webpage.
Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is also known as Firefox. It was developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary company Mozilla Corporation. It is a browser developed for Windows, Os, Linux and Android, but Firefox is rarely used on mobile.

Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer was launched in 1995 by a Microsoft company. This is the software of the Windows Operating System. It is also known as IE.

Safari Browser: This is also an example of a web browser but it is not so popular. Safari Browser was created by Apple Company. In this, you will get all the security related to Malware and Phishing. They are used by the Mac user itself. This is the available browser for Os and Windows.

Microsoft Edge: This is a browser developed by Microsoft. It is the best browser of Battery Management. It has been specially made for Windows10 but Android and Ios users can also use it.

Microsoft Edge is very good for the laptop user and needs to be downloaded separately. Nahin Hai It is already in-built in Windows10.

Difference Between Web Browser And Web Server

The Web Browser acts as an interface between the client and the server and enables the client to have a Document Display on the Web page, while Software is a system that maintains, responds to, and accepts the client’s data.

Web Browser is an application program that uses Internet services to access information while a server is a program that provides service to clients.

The server gives the user the information he wants to obtain. When we do a data search in Web Browser, the result which is shown in front of us. The website or data is stored somewhere that the server gives us on our request.