What is Hard Disk?

The hard disk is a secondary and permanent data storage device. It is similar to the human brain where all past and present events are stored. It is made up of Magnetic Material which stores data by following “Magnetic Recording Techniques” Latest storage technology 4 terabyte (TB) Has reached.

What is Hard Disk?

A hard disk is a storage device, which we use to store our data. Permanently stores hard disk data. The first hard disk was created by an IBM company with a storage capacity of just 5 MB and weighing around 250 KG. Later, many changes were made, resulting in today’s modern Hard Disk. It consists of a circular disk on which digitally save data which rotates very fast, the speed of which we measure in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), obviously the higher the RPM the more data read and write speed. is.

Types of Hard Disk

There are two types of data transfer and data storage of different types of hard disks, depending on which they are different:

  • PATA Drives
  • SATA Drives

Depending on how the hard disk is connected to the computer system, there are two types:

  • Internal Hard Disk Drive
  • External Hard Disk Drive

What is SSD? (What is SSD)

The Solid State Drive we know as “SSD” is a Nonvolatile Storage Device. It consists of a microchips that acts like a memory card and pen drive. It stores the data in a chip and does not have any moving parts. In contrast, a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) uses a mechanical arm that revolves around the Storage Platter along with reading / writing the data, and allows us to search the data from the Storage Platter.

Advantage of SSD

  • SSD has a speed of 500 Mbps.
  • low power consumption
  • Durability
  • Small size and light weight

Disadvantage of SSD

  • Expensive
  • Low Storage Capacity

Nowadays most Ultrabooks come with SSD. It comes pre-embedded in Apple MacBook Air and it is better than HDD in performance.

Why Your HDD May Get Slow?

The biggest reason for having a hard disk slow down is that it has to be saved in a data disorder manner and when the data gets too much in the HDD, then it takes more time to find the data, that is why the hard disk becomes slow. Defragment is required by the Disk Defragmenter tool (Disk Defragmenter). It punishes the data stored in the hard disk in an order, it also increases the hard disk space. We need to maintain Hard Disk once a month through Disk Defragmenting which it can work efficiently. After knowing what is a hard disk and its types, let’s now know about hard disk manufacturing companies.

Manufacturers of Hard Drive

  • Seagate Technology
  • Western Digital
  • Hitachi Global Storage (IBM)
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Fujitsu
  • EMC Corporation
  • G-Technology
  • Omega
  • Quantum

Now you have a good knowledge about various hard drive manufacturers as you can see that in the hard drives of so many hard disk manufacturers it is sometimes difficult to choose which hard disk is better if you are more Do not want to do research and would like to get my opinion, then I recommend you to buy Seagate (Maxtor) and Western Digital(WD) hard drives.