What is CMOS?

What is CMOS?

CMOS “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor” This is a physical part of a motherboard that is a special type of memory chip that is powered by a battery, even when the PC is turned off, it stores chip information Keeps your computer’s time and date settings stored. This is an advanced chip technology that works on very low power, so the battery lasts a long time which is good, because the computer or Changing the motherboard’s CMOS chip by opening a laptop is a fairly complicated task for a non-technical user if your computer’s time and date settings change frequently, which simply means that the CMOS battery on your motherboard is a fail. That is, the CMOS battery has lost its power, we need to replace it. CMOS enables you to store time and date settings to the computer. A CMOS battery is a coin-shaped lithium ion battery.
If your CMOS battery fails, your BIOS settings will be reset to their defaults when your computer turns off because the CMOS is a chip. Whenever you change your computer’s BIOS configuration, those settings are not on the BIOS chip. Instead, the CMOS is stored on the chip. It has the ability to store 256 bytes of data. Each time the computer is restarted or powered on, the computer uses this configuration. The CMOS battery continuously supplies power to the CMOS chip so that it can keep 3 volts. It keeps supplying power continuously for ten years without changing the battery even if the computer is turned on or off.

What is the Full Form of CMOS?

The full name of CMOS is “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor”. It is a semiconductor chip that is powered by a battery, so let’s know about the use of CMOS after it goes full form.

What is the Use of CMOS?

CMOS setup enables you to set the basic settings of the system. You can enter settings for the hard disk using CMOS setup options such as date and time.
The CMOS setup page displays the following options:

  • Date: The system sets the date.
  • Time: Sets the system time.
  • SATA1: Configures devices connected to primary SATA channels.
  • SATA2: Configures connected devices to other SATA channels.
  • E-SATA1: Configures external primary SATA channels to the connected device.
  • System Information: Provides all information about the hardware. It also shows the total memory in the system.

What is the Average Lifespan of a CMOS Battery?

The life of a CMOS battery is about 5–10 years. However, this can vary depending on the usage and the environment in which the computer is used. The CMOS chip stores your computer’s hard disk drive, date and time, so the CMOS battery should never fail.

What Happens When CMOS Battery Fails?

It is not that the computer will stop working when the CMOS battery expands. Whenever we change the BIOS configuration of our computer and save it, the settings will remain in the CMOS chip as long as the CMOS chip continues to receive power. But as soon as the computer is restarted, those settings will be reset to the default as the CMOS could not supply power due to the failure of the CMOS battery and the BIOS when the computer was in a closed state. Ting was reset to the default, therefore the CMOS battery should not fail, this will reset other functions such as time and date, Boot Device Priority, etc.
Now let me show you a trick. Suppose you have misconfigured your BIOS settings. Now your computer system is having problems. You have forgotten the BIOS default settings and now you are under tension and want the BIOS settings to default. You can best reset and open your computer’s CPU and remove the CMOS battery on the motherboard and re-install the default settings in the absence of CMOS chip power supply will be reset and this way you can solve easily accessible problems associated with BIOS / CMOS.